Picking the perfect custom t-shirt for your business or group is an extremely important decision. With so many different options for t-shirt blanks out there, choosing the one to best fit your brand can be an intimidating and difficult decision. Some of the aspects to consider are fabric quality, t-shirt fit, sizing and available colors.   In this article we’ll go thru the types of custom t-shirt fabric so you can choose which one is best for you.

How To Choose The Right Custom T-Shirt Fabric

There are a few things you will want to consider before choosing the fabric for your t-shirts. You should be thinking about what the material is, how it feels, and how the fabric is designed to be used.


Description: this fabric is made from the cotton plant. It is one of the most commonly desired fabrics because of its pleasant feel against the skin.
Feel: Soft and lightweight
Best Uses: Everyday use

Cotton Terminology

Here are some terms you might see used to describe cotton fabrics.

Ring Spun Cotton: This term refers to how the cotton yarn is made. Ring spun cotton is made using a twisting technique. The twisting results in a stronger and softer fabric.
Jersey: This term refers to the knit type of the garment. Jersey is light weight and single knit. Jersey can be used to describe other fabrics as well.


Description: this fabric is a manufactured material that is strong, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant. It holds its shape very well and holds up well after washing. Modern polyester is a very useful and comfortable fabric.
Feel: Polyester can have a slightly synthetic feel to some people.
Best Uses: Sports, fitness, outdoor recreation


Description: This fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton. This material provides the light and cool feel you expect from cotton with the wrinkle resistance and strength you expect from polyester.
Feel: Softer than polyester and holds shape better than cotton.
Best Uses: Everyday use

Sustainable Fabric

Description: This fabric is partially made of recycled material. How cool is that? The sustainable fabric we offer is composed of 50% preshrunk ring spun organic cotton and 50% post consumer P.E.T. recycled polyester.
Feel: Similar to the poly-cotton blend. It is softer than polyester but more sturdy than cotton.
Best Uses: Everyday use, Eco-friendly consumers


Description: This fabric was made to be a cost effective alternative to silk. Rayon is made from natural fibers like trees, cotton, and other plants.
Feel: Silky and breathable
Best Uses: Everyday use, fitness


Description: This fabric is a blend of three fabrics – usually cotton, polyester, and rayon.
Feel: Medium softness
Best Uses: Everyday use, fitness (depending on the blend)