The funny thing is, we didn’t set out to become screen printers, let alone clothing embroiderers. Part creative urge, and part Do-It-Yourself enthusiasm, Silver Screen Design was born in the attic studio of a shared house in nearby Gill, Massachusetts.


Initially our only goal was to help some friends who had a rock band to promote themselves.
And, how do you promote a band? With posters! So, we taught ourselves to print, and we created oversized posters that were suitable for wild posting.


Like a lot of crafts, screen printing has a very powerful allure. Once we learned that we were really enjoyed layering bold, strong colors on all kinds of materials, we started to look for other things to print. Hand made greeting cards were becoming popular in the 70s, so we started our own line, and sold them ourselves at craft shows throughout New England.


Success led to growth and by 1979 we had a real, downtown studio and office in Turners Falls. This is a shot of our fearless president Cheryl Termo at one of her very first real desks.


image of lego club t
The problem with the craft show market is that it is seasonal. So ee started to call around to let local businesses know that we were screen printing in the Pioneer Valley. Lego, just over the state line in Enfield, CT had just started the Lego Club for kids. They accepted a proposal to print Tees. It was huge and it took us calling in favors from dozens of friends to pull it off.

image of ivan in playpen
As the business grew, so did our families. That little guy in the playpen? That’s Ivan. Today he serves the company as a very adult Account Representative.