The little screen printers that could, a scrapbook


The funny thing is, we didn’t set out to become screen printers, let alone clothing embroiderers. Part creative urge, and part Do-It-Yourself enthusiasm, Silver Screen Design was born in the attic studio of a shared house in nearby Gill, Massachusetts. Then one thing led to another...

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50/50 vs 100% Cotton Custom Tees


What should be considered when choosing between a 50/50 Blend custom T-Shirt or a 100% cotton? Aside from some personal preference, here are the differences. 50/50 Blend T-Shirts are a blend of Cotton and Polyester.  Polyester is more durable than cotton, it holds its shape better than 100% Cotton (no shrinking). On Dark colored T-Shirts, the polyester will hold the color much longer too!

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